Enpi Elektronik is built on 3.800m2 of closed area and 3.400m2 of this area is used for production, quality assurance and development departments. Production chain from suppliers to customers is totally integrated via ERP system.

All the production lines are working in conformity with RoHS and REACH regulations. Enpi Elektronik provides the following production and testing capabilities for its customers:

  • 3 full automated SMT production lines
    • Total 136.000 components/hour SMT placement speed
    • Automatic solder printing for each line
    • Automatic optical control (AOI) for each line
  • 2 axial and 3 radial placement machines with 40.000 components/hour THT placement speed
  • 3 manual component placement lines
    • Wave solder machine for each line
    • Automatic soldering robot for each line
    • In-circuit testing (ICT) for each line
    • Functional testing (FCT) for each line

Enpi Elektronik has an average capacity of producing 1.000.000 gas burning appliance control boards in single shift per year.

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